2 Nov 2021

Five Amrit Tatva Given By PM Modi At His Address At COP26 In Glasgow.

Latest reports have been coming in from Scotland where Prime Minister Narendra Modi recites a mantra as he starts his address at COP26 in Glasgow.

According to reports coming in from ANI Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Summit has said that when I came to Paris for the first time for the Climate Summit, I had no intention to add my own promise to other promises across the world. 

I had come with concern for humanity, as a repr of culture that gave message of Sarve Sukhinah Bhavantu according to PM at COP26 World Leaders' Summit.

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Paris event wasn't a Summit but a sentiment, a commitment and India wasn't making promises to the world, instead, 125 Cr Indians were making promises to themselves. 

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is happy that a developing country like India is working to pull crores of people out of poverty. 

At this global brainstorming on climate change, I present 5 'amrit tatva' from India. I gift this 'panchamrit'. 

First, India will bring its non-fossil energy capacity to 500 GW by 2030. Second, by 2030 India will fulfill 50% of its energy requirement through renewable energy as per PM.

Third,India will cut down its net projected carbon emission by 1 bn ton from now until 2030. Fourth, by 2030 India will bring down carbon intensity of its economy by more than 45%. 

Fifth, by 2070 India will achieve the target of 'net zero' according to PM Modi at COP26 World Leaders' Summit. 

India constitutes 17% of global population and India's contribution to the emission has only been 5%. But today, the entire world admits that India is the only major economy which has delivered on Paris agreements in letter and spirit as per PM Modi at COP26 World Leaders' Summit.

We know reality that promises made so far over climate finance have proven to be hollow.When we're taking forward our ambition regarding climate action.

The Prime Minister further added that the ambitions of world over climate finance can't keep standing at the point where they were at the time of Paris Agreement.

Today when India has resolved to move forward with a new commitment and new energy, then the climate finance and transfer of low-cost technology transfer become even more important.

These views has been shared by PM Modi at COP26 World Leaders' Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

World today admits that lifestyle has a major role in climate change. I propose one word movement before all of you. 

This word is LIFE which means Lifestyle for Environment. Today, it's needed that all of us come together and take forward LIFE as a movement.

Instead of mindless and destructive consumption, mindful and deliberate utilization is the need of the hour. This movement can bring in revolutionary changes in areas like agriculture, fishing, housing, packaging, hospitality, tourism, fashion, water management and energy.

India expects developed nations to make climate finance of 1 Trillion dollars available at the earliest. Today it's important to track climate finance just like we track the progress of climate mitigation.

It would be an appropriate justice to create pressure on the nations that don't meet their own promises of climate finance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further added that the climate change is a major threat to existence to many developing countries. 

We must take major steps to save the world. It is the need of the hour and will prove the relevance of this platform. I'm hopeful that decisions taken in Glasgow will save future of our next generations.

At COP26 World Leaders' Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, PM Narendra Modi says, "At this global brainstorming on climate change, I would like to present 5 'amrit tatva' from India. I gift this 'panchamrit'.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that by 2070 India will achieve the target of net zero.

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