17 Nov 2021

No One Can Take Decision To Stop Non Veg Food From Selling: BJP Gujarat Chief C R Paatil

Latest reports have been coming in from Gujarat where Gujarat BJP Chief C R Paatil shared his views on removal of non-veg food card from the streets of Gujarat.

According to reports coming in BJP Chief C R Paatil said that no one has taken such a decision. 

According to the leader people are entitled to eat what they want and BJP will never try to stop it. Reason for removal could be something else and not because they were selling veg,non-veg food.

Gujarat BJP chief CR Paatil was sharing this while he was putting his views on removal of non-veg food carts from streets. 

According to the leader there is one minister who'd said that there is encroachment of footpaths because of these carts. 

They should be removed. But he (the minister) as well as all the (city) mayors' ve been told that there is no plan to stop them (carts and stalls) according to the Gujarat BJP Chief C R Paatil.

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