10 Nov 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Shares India's Perspective On Afganistan

According to sources coming in the NSAs had a very substantive exchange during their call on the PM. PM shared India’s perspective on Afghanistan. 

The NSAs conveyed greetings from their leaders and also appreciated India’s initiative of hosting the Dialogue according to Indian Government sources.

There was extraordinary degree of convergence on the assessments of situation in Afghanistan and principal challenges in Afghanistan and the region. 

These included the security situation, heightened risk of terrorism and the impending humanitarian crisis according to sources on dialogue.

The NSAs noted the need to provide humanitarian assistance and emphasized that the land and air routes should be made available and no one should impede the process.

The Dialogue exceeded India's expectations. The NSAs easily arrived at a complete consensus, which enabled to issue the joint Delhi Declaration. 

Every delegation was appreciative of the timing of the event and the opportunity to engage in frank and open discussions according to reports.

Every country got opportunity to put across their views in a forthright manner. This is the only dialogue at the level of NSAs and there was complete unanimity on the need to continue this process and have regular consultation.

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