29 Nov 2021

UPSC Aspirants Sits On Dharna In Jantar Mantar Today

Latest reports have been coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where ANI has reported from Delhi that UPSC aspirants has sit on dharna on Jantar Mantar today.

According to reports coming in from New Delhi UPSC aspirants sit on indefinite strike at Jantar Mantar demanding an extra attempt. 

As per reports coming in from ANI petitioner Abhishek Sinha has stated that we are final attempters of 2020 and fall in category of those who couldn't give exams due to lack of preparations owing to COVID.

The aspirants were not able to give exams due to lack of preparations owing to covid factors like digital divide according to petitioner Abhishek Sinha.

Another aspirant Gaurav from Bihar while speaking to ANI has said that I have been preparing for UPSC exams and 2020 was my last attempt. 

My father passed away during COVID, I was not mentally prepared for the exam. When the result was declared, I didn't qualify. The govt should give us another chance.

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