20 Nov 2021

US Keen On Doing Business With India: US Business Council President Nisha Biswal

Latest reports having coming in from ANI which has reported through an interview of Nisha Biswal the President of US India Business Council that CAATSA has sanctioned a missile system from Russia ahead of us representative visit to India.

As reported by ANI, Nisha Biswal, President of the US-India Business Council, talks about CAATSA sanctions against India.

She has further added that S-400 missile systems from Russia ahead of the maiden visit of US Trade Representative Katherine Tai to India.

According to the Business Council President, India is a very important trading partner for American compaines.

More companies are wanting to 'make In India' but then the local content requirements are sometimes challenging because supply chains are global and take time to migrate. USIB Chief Nisha Biswal while speaking to ANI 

According to Nisha Biswal India has become a much more imp source of FDI into US because of the amount of Indian investment.

Indian manufacturing that is coming into the United States of America as per US-India Business Council chief Nisha Biswal.

One of the major concerns that Indian companies have brought has been around labour and immigration policies that allowed Indian companies to be able to source from India through H1B1 visa etc.

So that is an important conversation as stated by US-India Business Council Chief Nisha Biswal.

I need to commend the Government of India for PLI (Production Linked Incentive) schemes and expansion of those PLI schemes.

Nisha Biswal thinks that it would greatly support the govt's desire of attracting more supply chain and more manufacturing in India according to US-India Business Council chief Nisha Biswal.

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