27 Dec 2021

Actor Salman Khan Hospitalized For 6 Hours After Bitten By Snake At His Farmhouse

Latest reports have been coming in from king of Bollywood Salman Khan who has been hospitalized after he was bitten by a snake at his farmhouse.

According to reports coming in Salman Khan was hospitalized for around 6 hours after he was bitten by the snake at his farmhouse.

According to media release shared by the actor Salman Khan himself he stated that he was taken to a hospital in Navi Mumbai where the treatment was administered.  

According to the actor Salman Khan a snake had entered my farmhouse, I took it outside using a stick. Gradually it reached onto my hand. I then grabbed it to release, which is when it bit me thrice. 

According to the actor it was a kind of poisonous snake. I was hospitalized for 6 hours. I am fine now.

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