14 Dec 2021

Fossils Sites Recovered In Jammu And Kashmir

Latest sites reports having coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where Fossil sites has been recovered in kulgam area.

According to reports coming in these sides were recovered around months back and research has been going on, on the sites

According to sources months after a fossil site was discovered in Aharbal area of Kulgam, around seven new fossil sites were discovered in South Kashmir.

This has been claimed the lecturers involved in the excavation sites.  These sites are reportedly remarked as the most ancient sites and are reportedly of pre historic times.

However the excavation work is still in progress and archaeologists have been working day and night on these sites to know the exact facts and figures of these sites.  

The dates related to these sites are yet to be ascertained as the excavation is still on progress and various tests are in progress to ascertain the dates to which these sites belong.

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