30 Dec 2021

SMS To Be Send By Health Ministry For Booster Vaccination

Latest reports have been coming in from Union Health ministry which has stated that approximately 90% of the adult population in India has been vaccinated against COVID-19 with the first dose.

This has been shared by Luv Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry.

According to the reports Government will send SMS to the eligible elderly population to remind them for taking the precautionary dose that starts from January 10.

ICMR DG Dr Balram Bhargava has stated that all COVID vaccines, whether they are from India, Israel, US, Europe, UK or China, are primarily disease-modifying. 

They don't prevent infection. The precautionary dose is primarily to mitigate the severity of infection, hospitalization and death. 

Use of masks before and after vaccination is a must and mass gatherings should be avoided.

The treatment guidelines for the earlier and the currently circulating strains of coronavirus remain the same. Home isolation remains an important pillar according to ICMR DG Dr Balram Bhargava.

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