19 Jan 2022

3,54,075 Licensed Weapons Deposited In Punjab By Chief Electoral Officer

Latest reports having coming in from office of the Chief Electoral Officer who have stated that till now around 3,54,075 licensed weapons have been deposited in the Punjab state.

According to reports coming and from Chief Electoral Officer ahead of Punjab Assembly Elections, scheduled to be held on February 20 these deposits have been done by the Office of Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab.

The Chief Electoral Officer has further stated that surveillance teams have seized 6.60 lakh litres of liquor worth Rs 2 cr. 

Enforcement wings have also recovered psychotropic substances amounting to Rs 44.49 cr besides confiscating unaccounted cash of Rs 16 lakhs after enforcement of MCC according to the Office of Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab.

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  1. This is a huge people who deposited the weapon licensed according to last year.
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