10 Jan 2022

PSA Plants Installed In Chhattisgarh By PM Cares Fund Are Functioning Well: Government Of India

Latest reports have been coming in from Government of India which has stated that there have been some media reports alleging that PSA plants installed in Chhattisgarh through PM-CARES funds are not being maintained well. 

According to reports some media houses has reported that the PSA plants installed in Chhattisgarh through PM cares fund are not functioning well.

The Government of India for the reiterated that such media reports are fallacious and ill-informed and not based on facts.

It is clarified that 122 PSA plants are being installed from various sources in Chhattisgarh.

According to the sources out of these 49 plants were installed and commissioned under PM-CARES. 

After 1000 hours of run, Zeolite, an absorbent used in PSA plants to produce medical oxygen, needs to be replaced as per sources by the Government of India.

The government sources has said that as per industry norms, shelf life of Zeolite is 3-5 years and has to be replaced only after this period. 

The funds for this have been sanctioned by Chhattisgarh Government. 13 out of 49 plants were not functional due to site and vendor issues which have been already shared with State according to the Government sources.

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