8 Jan 2022

Punjab Government Isn't Serious About PM Modi's Security Breach: Punjab BJP Chief Ashwani Sharma

Latest reports have been coming in from Punjab where Punjabi BJP Chief Ashwani Sharma has given his statement to ANI regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi security breach.

According to reports the BJP leader has said that Punjab govt isn't serious about PM Modi's security breach. 

The leader further added that PM Modi was brought to a route that was closed an hour ago. BJP workers, who were en route to the rally, were stopped there. 

They were struggling to go further according to Punjab BJP chief Ashwani Sharma.

Navjot Singh Sidhu's statement yesterday was very unfortunate and dramatic. 

Navjot Singh Sidhu while giving his statement has said thoko taali 10 times in the middle of his speech.

Punjab BJP chief Ashwani Sharma has said that have you ever seen somebody say 'thoko taali' 10 times in the middle of giving a speech? 

They had put the country in danger. It's a conspiracy with links to Delhi according to Punjab BJP chief Ashwani Sharma.

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