18 Jan 2022

Shopkeepers In New Delhi Protest Against Odd Even Rule Imposed Due To Covid 19

Latest reports have been coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where New Delhi shopkeepers have been protesting against the rule of odd and even which has been imposed in the national capital due to the onset of covid-19 in the country.

According to reports coming in from the national capital where shopkeepers protest over Odd-Even rule imposed amid a surge in COVID cases.

Paramjit Singh, Vice Pres, Sadar Bazar traders Association while speaking to ANI has said that we request govt to allow us to open shops on weekends and are strictly against odd-even rule.

According to the shopkeeper they are not able to recover losses we faced in last 2 years. .

According to the reports Rakesh Kumar, President, Sadar Bazar traders Association whir speaking to ANI has said that Odd-even is now imposed on shops, we were already suffering due to weekend lockdown. 

According to the reports due to this the shops are open only 10 days a month.

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