16 Feb 2022

AAP And Congress Are Ek Hi Thali Ke Chatte Batte' : PM Modi In Pathankot, Punjab

Latest report have been coming in from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is presently in Punjab Pathankot and is addressing a rally. 

According to reports coming in Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the rally in Pathankot Punjab has said that despite the pandemic, India is giving free ration to crores of citizens including the poor of Punjab. 

We made all the efforts and ensured that no one is left hungry according to the reports from PM Narendra Modi rally in Pathankot, Punjab. 

According to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wherever BJP established itself, the remote control family (Congress) from Delhi was wiped out. 

PM Modi in Pathankot, Punjab further stated that wherever there is peace, appeasement has been given a farewell, the same farewell has to be given in Punjab also.

Punjabiyat is of umpteen importance to us, while the Opposition views Punjab from the lens of 'Siyasat' (politics).

When Captain Sahab was in Congress, he would stop them from moving in the wrong direction. Now, he is also not there according to PM Modi in Pathankot, Punjab.

If Congress is original, AAP is its xerox. One looted Punjab while the other one is involved in scam after scam in Delhi. 

Despite being 'Ek hi thali ke chatte batte' they (AAP & Cong) are playing 'noora kushti' (fixed fight) in Punjab, pretending to be against each other as per PM Modi.

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