4 Feb 2022

India To Boycott Winter Olympics, As China Felicitates It's Galwan Soldier

Latest reports have been coming in from the Galwan valley where China has been exposed off another lie which it had shared with the world when there was a rift between Indian soldiers and Chinese soldiers.

According to reports coming in from DNA yesterday, India decided to respond to China on the Galvan issue, in the same language that it understands. 

As per reports the Indian government has decided to hold a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing under which it will not send its ambassador to the opening ceremony of the games. 

It has also been said that the national broadcaster Doordarshan's sports channel will also not cover it in India.

According to sources this development has come after China made one of its regiment commanders stationed in Galwan a torchbearer for the Olympics. 

According to the sources this is the same commander who secretly attacked our soldiers in Galwan. However Indian Government has replied it perfectly well.

The boycott of the games by the Indian government is also commendable because President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the President of Egypt, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran will be present at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

According to reports China has calls its cowardly soldier wounded in Galvan a war hero and says that only four of its soldiers were killed in the violent clash. 

But just a few hours after the incident, Zee News was the first news channel that told the world that not four but more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed in Galvan. 

And now it has also been confirmed by an Australian newspaper. In this newspaper, a detailed report on the violence in the Galvan Valley has been published, in which five big things have been mentioned.

First, in this violent clash, not 4 but 42 Chinese soldiers were killed. Second, 38 of these soldiers were killed when they fell into the Galvan River during the clash. 

In February 2021, China said only one of its soldiers had died of drowning in the river during the violence. Three soldiers died fighting. 

But the report says that at least 38 Chinese soldiers were swept away during the clash in the Galvan River that day.

Third factor is that this report says that the situation of violent conflict between the two countries was created because two protocols were violated by the Chinese military. 

Firstly, it tried to put up illegal tents in the buffer zone located on the border. And secondly, it carried out illegal construction in the area against the boundary agreement and deliberately instigated the Indian Army.

It also said that China had agreed in commander-level talks on June 5, 2020 that it would withdraw its army and its tents from the buffer zone. 

Buffer Zone is the area on the border where the armies of the two countries can patrol, but no camp or weapons can be deployed there.

Fourthly, this violent clash was fully planned, i.e., China had prepared a complete plan in advance. And some evidence of this is also presented in this report. 

China had released two videos of the incident in June 2020 after the clash, one video of which is from the day and the other from night time. 

In one of these videos, the soldier who he has made torchbearer at the Olympic Games is also seen.

In this report, it has been revealed that the videos that China said to be dated June 15, were of June 6. In these videos, the soldiers of India are seen without body gears. 

Chinese soldiers were wearing war helmets, neck coverings and body armour. That is, the Chinese soldiers had come ready for this clash. 

However, despite this preparation, the Indian Army killed more than 40 of its soldiers and in this conflict, China suffered heavy losses.

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