3 Feb 2022

Rahul Gandhi's Thinking Is Trapped In Orthodox Behaviour And Shows Negative Impact: Law Minister Kiren

Latest reports have been coming in from the Law Minister Kiren Rijiju who has stated that the remarks of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been negative with respect to the countries image in front of world.

The law minister has further added that Rahul Gandhi makes remarks that harm the country and benefit rivals (Pakistan and China).

According to the Law Minister a responsible leader should never talk like that. Don't want Rahul Gandhi's India where people travel abroad secretly. 

We want India with a vision to serve people according to Law Minister Kiren Rijiju. 

This is a Republic,not kingdom that you're a leader the moment you're born. People elect their representatives. 

Rahul Gandhi is trapped in orthodox thinking that he's born to rule the country. It's the time of 'sevaks'.

He thinks he has become a 'King from a Prince' according to the reports coming in from Law Minister.

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