7 Feb 2022

True Honour Has Been Given To Women Of Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi

Latest reports have been coming in from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi office which has shared that today PM Modi has shared his views on the present state of Uttar Pradesh through video conferencing.

According to the reports coming in PM Modi has stated that earlier molestation of women was very common. 

Situation was so bad that after incidents of chain snatching, people were thankful that they were still alive. 

CM Yogi's govt freed women from that fear. We gave women their true honour according to PM Narendra Modi.

We want that in the next 25 yrs, when nation would complete 100 yrs of independence, UP make a mark with its development story. 

PM Modi further added that our govt is making continuous efforts to see that the businessmen, industrialists, farmers here get all possible help.

The water in the river of development in UP was stagnant. It was stagnating among the fake 'Samajwadis' and their close ones. 

These people never had anything to do with the thirst of the development of common man, the thirst of progress, the thirst of freedom from poverty.

All they did was to keep quenching their own thirst and that of their close ones. They kept quenching the thirst of their own coffers. 

According to reports PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Bijnor, UP via video conferencing  and has stated that this selfish thirst soaks all streams of the river of development.

First of all, I'd like to apologise to you. After some relaxation by the EC, I had thought of beginning my campaign by coming to Bijnor (UP) in person. 

But due to weather conditions, my helicopter couldn't leave and I could see you only through video conferencing once again.

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