22 Feb 2022

US Threating Statement In UNSC Meeting For Russia

Latest reports have been coming in from UNSC meeting where the leaders of various nations are giving their views on the Ukraine and Russia crisis which is presently going on in the world

According to reports coming in from US Representative at UNSC meet on Ukraine Russia's who has made it clear that attack on Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty is unprovoked. 

It is an attack on Ukraine's status as a UN member state. It violates basic principles of international law: US Representative at UNSC meet on Ukraine. 

This move by Russian President Putin is clearly the basis of Russia's attempt to create a pretext for the further invasion of Ukraine according to US Representative at UNSC meet on Ukraine.

Tomorrow, US will take further measures to hold Russia accountable for clear violation of international law. 

We and our partners are clear that there will be swift and severe response were Russia to further invade Ukraine. In this moment no one can stand on the sidelines according to US at UNSC.

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