22 Mar 2022

RBI Governor at CII National Council Meeting Shares Data On Inflation Rate In The Country

Latest reports have been coming in from the Reserve Bank of India where reserve Bank of India Governor has shared the latest data for inflation at CII National council meeting.

According to the sources from National Council Meeting where governor of reserve Bank of India has stated that our target for inflation is 4% plus or minus 2% we are still within range. 

RBI Governor at CII National Council Meeting has said that we expect inflation to moderate going forward. 

India’s growth projection is also 8.9%. As far as we see it, prospect of a stagflation does not arise.

RBI Governo at CII National Council Meetinghas said that he don't see a case where inflation in India will stay above 6 % in fact our expectation is that it will moderate to 4.5%.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das further added in Mumbai while addressing CEOs at the CII National Council Meeting. 

India's reserves are quite well distributed in many currencies, the leading currency has the majority of it in dollars. 

Nearly 6 months ago, India took a decision to diversify its reserves further into other currencies according to RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das.

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