4 Apr 2022

Israeli Police Fails To Stop Gang Violence In Israel

According to the reports coming in from Prime Minister Naftali Bennet who have stated that he have been following in astonishment, apprehension and horror for a long time.

This has been especially in recent weeks and days the terrible wave of murders befalling our country in general and Arab society in particular.

The Prime Minister of Israel while speaking to ANI further stated that there had been over 100 murders in the country since last September.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennet was speaking last week at the opening of the Annual Conference of the Israel Bar Association in Tel Aviv.

President Herzog also stressed that deadly violence from the criminal underworld poses a national emergency and was a form of terrorism threatening the entire country and requiring immediate action. 

Terrorism is a threat to us all said the President. A similar view was expressed last month by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet who had described gangland crime and violence in general in the Arab Israeli communities as "a national calamity.

He has further asked for the preparation of a national plan to deal with this growing problem.

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