8 Apr 2022

One Can't Imagine India's Job And Economic Condition: Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi

Latest reports having coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where Rahul Gandhi a senior Congress leader while speaking to media has said that you can't imagine India's economic situation and job condition. 

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi further stated that never in your life you would have seen what is coming next. 

The employment structure of this country, the backbone is broken. Small and medium business, small shopkeepers, informal sector is our backbone according to Rahul Gandhi.

According to the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi economists and bureaucrats make their plans by looking at other nations. 

PM says we have to become like them. It can't be done like that. First, we have to realise who we are and what's happening here. 

They have broken the backbone, terrifying results would come in next 3-4 years according to Rahul Gandhi.

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