16 Apr 2022

Thousands Appearing For Railways And SSC Exams At Patna College Ghat

Latest reports have been coming in from Bihar where thousands of students prepare for Railways and SSC exams at Patna College Ghat. 

According to the reports coming in from SK Jha who is an engineer while speaking to ANI helps them prepare for these exams.

According to the reports he says that we organise tests on Sat-Sun at 6 am. Around 12,000-14,000 students come. 

According to the reports he has added that he have been doing this free of cost for past 2 months.

According to the reports SK Jha has said that the only reason behind this, is unemployment. We are trying to kill it. 

All of us, students and teachers- are taking one step towards that every day. All these students come from humble backgrounds. A team of 30-35 people works on test papers for entire week for the students according to SK Jha.

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