10 May 2022

Power Cut Leads To The Confusion And Exchange Of Two Sisters In Marriage

Latest reports have been coming in from the heart of the country Madhya Pradesh where a unique incidence has been reported from Ujjain.

According to the reports coming in from Madhya Pradesh where a power cut has led to the confusion in the marriage of two sisters.

According to the sources this confusion led to 'bride-groom exchange' in Aslana village, Ujjain. mistake rectified later

According to the reports coming in this incidence has been reported by Ramesh, who is the brides' father. He has informed that this has happened during the wedding on May 5 as both of his daughters were wearing same bridal outfits which caused confusion. 

According to Ramesh, brides' father at that time the power cut struck and the confusion happened. But to the luck the confusion was soon rectified and the marriage was held with the right match.

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