21 May 2022

Scorching Heat Witnessed In Himachal Pradesh This Season Leads To Various Developments

According to the reports coming in from Himachal Pradesh where the Deputy Commissioner Nipun Jindal has share the latest development in National Disaster Management.

According to the reports coming where Deputy Commissioner Nipun Jindal from Himachal Pradesh has shared that the lower belt of Kangra has been witnessing a hike in temperatures, particularly during noon. 

According to the report coming in deputy commissioner Nipun Jindal has shared that we have taken a decision to revise government and private school timings - 7:45am-1pm - to be applicable from May 23. 

This will prevent heat-related illnesses in students according to the reports coming in from Deputy Commissioner Nipun Jindal 

In case of any violation, action will be taken as per the Disaster Management Act according to Nipun Jindal, Deputy Commissioner, Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh.

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