5 May 2022

UN World Food Program Delegation Visits Amritsar

Latest reports have been coming in from Punjab where UN World Food Program delegation is on a visit to Amritsar.

According to sources the UN world food program delegation is visiting Amritsar to understand the process of procurement, testing and transportation of wheat to Afghanistan.

According to Dr Stephanie Heard, Loss Prevention Officer,World Food Program around 10,000 tones of wheat have been exported so far. And we are here to witness this procedure.

According to Sandro Banao,Commodity Specialist while speaking to ANI has said that we are here to see the initiative that GoI has taken for the people of Afghanistan. 

It is very kind of India to send wheat to Afghanistan. Also, our interest is to scale up our partnership with govt due to increased requirement of wheat globally according to Sandro Banao,Commodity Specialist.

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