12 May 2022

White House To Host 2nd Virtual Covid Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Share His Views

Latest reports have been coming in from United States of America where White House has sure that today White House will host a 2nd global COVID19 summit today. 

According to the reports coming in from White House today's Summit will redouble our efforts made at first COVID Summit. 

According to the reports President Joe Biden and other fellow heads of state from co-host nations will kick off the summit with remarks on how fighting COVID-19 must remain an international priority.

According to the sources coming and from the national capital of the country New Delhi where Prime Minister Narendra Modi office have reported that today Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be participating in second Covid summit which will be held virtually on the invitation of President of United States of America.

According to sources today's summit will help to galvanize a new architecture in the field of health in the world.  Today summit will also cover all the aspects and areas of continuing challenges of Covid-19.

According to reports coming in from the external affairs ministry which has shared that in today's summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be shared his views on the challenges faced by all the countries in this pandemic and also ways to fight this challenge.

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