17 Jun 2022

Floods Deteriorate In Assam, 11 Lakh People Affected: 10 Points!

Assam is moving under floods, with heavy rains and landslides affecting lives in many regions.
The flood situation in the province has worsened as the number of victims has risen to more than 7 lakh in 27 districts and the number of taxpayers has risen to 10. emergency or medical emergency.Many parts of the capital Guwahati have been shut down due to flooding for the third day in a row. A massive landslide was also reported in the town of Guwahati and three people were injured in Ajantanagar area in the Noonmati area.
In Baksa district, part of the bridge collapsed in the Subankhata area on Wednesday due to incessant rains and rising water levels in the Dihing River.
At least six trains have been canceled, and four have been canceled following a flood over the Nalbari and Ghograpar railway line at the Rangiya branch in Lower Assam, according to an official.
Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and director Rohit Shetty donated Rs 5 lakhs to the CM Relief Fund for flood victims in the province, Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote on Twitter, thanking them for their generous act.
Outside of Assam, heavy rains have affected normal life in Meghalaya and Arunavhal Pradesh as well. At least five people have died in Meghalaya as a result of landslides, lightning and floods.
In Meghalaya, the national government has set up four committees that will oversee four state districts. Each committee is chaired by a cabinet minister. Highway 6 is closed due to traffic congestion due to heavy traffic and erosion. The highway is the mainstay of Tripura, south of Assam, Mizoram and parts of Meghalaya.
 Both Assam and Meghalaya received more than 272mm of rain as usual until Wednesday. The weather department has extended the red warning to the two provinces until the weekend.

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