25 Jun 2022

"Yoga Camp In Guwahati": Sena Mouthpiece's Scathing Attack On Rebel MLAs!

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati has turned into a "yoga camp" where about 40 Maharashtra MPs have acknowledged the BJP's supremacy, "Shiv Sena spokesman Saamana said in a heated article today amid tensions between them.
Full of sarcasm, the editor says "yoga leader" - apparently referring to MLA rebel Senator Eknath Shinde - said the BJP "taught a lesson in Pakistan".

"We are being re-introduced with Hindu self-respect. What evidence of teaching in Pakistan is shown in yoga shivir? Pakistan's entry continues in Kashmir and Hindus Pandits are killed.

Those “in the yoga camp” appear to be “intoxicated” and speaking out, the article states.

A Sena spokesman then accused the BJP of engineers' rebellion against its lists by threatening MPs with actions by central institutions. "That is why the seven members of the camp have become slaves," he said.

The editor added that those in Guwahati's yoga camp have linked to "bhog" - materialism - instead of "yoga".

“BJP ropes for hired leaders and they want greatness,” he added.

The planning theme focused on the BJP-led central government on a few other issues, including China's violence, India's stand on the Ukrainian War and the recent 'Agnipath' conflict, a new military recruitment program.

Pointing to the protests under the program, he said Maharashtra remained peaceful at this time.

"This is a plot to destroy Maharashtra. Floods are rampant in Assam but its prime minister is concentrated in a yoga camp at Radisson Blu," he said.

The editor said all opposition parties have come together because of Guwahati's "yoga camps" and that the country is united to fight this "market" of MPs.

"The world is bowing to the rising sun, but there is only darkness in the Guwahati yoga camp," said a Saamana editor.

Shiv Sena, led by Uddhav Thackeray, is facing a major internal crisis that threatens to overthrow the Maharashtra government. While the Sena blamed the BJP for the rebellion of the rebels led by Minister of State Eknath Shinde, the BJP said it was irrelevant and that this was an internal matter for Shiv Sena.

Mr Thackeray, whose camp now has fewer members of Parliament than the rebel camp, will preside over the party's national assembly today.

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