4 Jul 2022

22 Year Old Gunman Takes Lives Of 3 People In Denmark Injuring Many

Latest reports have been coming in from Denmark where according to sources are 22 year old gunman killed three people and injured many in a shopping mall and Denmark capital city of Copenhagen.

According to the reports coming in 22-year-old gunman killed three people and injured a similar number of people in a shooting incident at a shopping mall in Denmark's capital, Copenhagen. 

According to sources the injured were later hospitalised. However according to sources the killer was arrested after the shooting, Copenhagen police inspector Soren Thomassen told reporters, adding that they have not ruled out the possibility that the incident is terror-related. 

Copenhagen police inspector also said that they still investing in the case as per CNN reports coming in.

According to sources on Sunday, the shooting took place at multiple locations inside the Field, a shopping centre in the Danish capital.

According to the reports referring to an eyewitness Joachim Olsen, a former Danish politician and athlete, he was on his way to a gym inside Field's when he saw large groups of people exiting the mall.

However a spokesman for Rigshospitalet, Denmark's largest hospital said they had taken in several victims from the incident, and also had called extra staff to deal with the emergency case, according to CNN.

On the other hand according to reports Danish Prime Minister has expressed his grief and sent sympathy to the wounded, their relatives and the bereaved as well as to those who were close to these incidents.

In his statement Danish Prime Minister has said that we have all been brutally ripped from the bright summer that had just begun. It is incomprehensible Heartbreaking.

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