27 Jul 2022

'Being a bit dangerous': Aussie legend Adam Gilchrist warns against dominance of IPL franchises

Wicket legend Adam Gilchrist has questioned the growing dominance of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises in world cricket, saying the current trend of their "monopolization" is dangerous. Gilchrist's comments come amid reports that Australian batsman David Warner could opt out of the upcoming Big Bash League (BBL) this season and sign up for the more lucrative UAE T20 league. Interestingly, three IPL franchises – Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals – have all invested in teams in the UAE T20 league.

"They can't force David Warner to play in the BBL, I understand that, but letting him go - or another player, let's not pick Warner because there will be other players on the radar - it's all part of this global dominance that these IPL franchises are starting to create because they own a number of teams in the Caribbean Premier League," Gilchrist told SEN's Whateley Radio Show.

"It's a bit of a dangerous grip that they have to monopolize that ownership and the ownership of the players and their talents and where they can and can't play," he added.

The three-time World Cup-winning Australian has suggested his country's cricket board to take note of the matter as more cricketers could go after Warner sooner rather than later.

“If (Warner) rides off into the sunset and says, 'Sorry Cricket Australia, I'm going to be a gun for hire for my Indian franchise team in various tournaments', you can't question him, that's his prerogative. and he did whatever he needed to do to gain profile and gain market value,” Gilchrist said.

"It's a new younger player that's starting to make those noises where it's going to be really challenging," he added.

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