7 Jul 2022

India-China Bonds Must Be Based on "3 Mutuals": S Jaishankar To Chinese Partners

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar today conveyed to his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi The need for an early settlement of all outstanding issues in the Real Management or LAC line east of Ladakh and that bilateral relations should be based on "three states" of respect, empathy. and interest.
At a one-hour meeting in Bali on the sidelines of the G20 summit, Mr Jaishankar and Mr Wang looked forward to the next round of military talks between the two sides in advance to resolve the border issue.

The Department of Foreign Affairs or MEA said Mr Jaishankar had confirmed the importance of "fully compliant" bilateral agreements and agreements, as well as the understanding reached between him and Mr Wang in their previous talks.

"The Minister of Foreign Affairs (EAM) has called for the immediate resolution of all outstanding issues at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh," the MEA said in a statement. Recalling the disunity that has been achieved in some conflict zones, Mr Jaishankar reiterated the need to intensify efforts to end divisions with all remaining areas in order to restore peace and tranquility in the vicinity of the LAC.

"He reaffirmed the importance of full compliance with bilateral agreements and agreements, as well as the agreement reached between the two ministers during their previous talks," the MEA said.

"In this regard, both ministers have assured the military and military officials of both sides that they must continue to communicate regularly and look forward to the next summit of senior leaders," the statement said.

Mr Jaishankar further emphasized that the India-China relationship is widely used in terms of mutual respect, sympathy and mutual interest. The MEA said Mr Jaishankar also recalled his meeting with Wang Yi in Delhi in March and reviewed the progress of some of the key issues discussed at the time, including the return of students.

"EAM has emphasized the need to speed up the process and facilitate the early return of students," the MEA said.

India has been pushing for the immediate withdrawal of troops from all parts of the eastern part of Ladakh to ensure the withdrawal of status, insisting that peace and order in the real control line is the first need for progress in all relations.

"I started my day in Bali with a meeting with FM's Wang Yi of China. The discussion lasted one hour. It focused on some of the key issues in our bilateral relations regarding the state of the border.

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