6 Jul 2022

"Mommy, Daddy's Coming": 2-Year-Old Lost by Parents in American Shooting

The parents of a 2-year-old girl, Aiden, who was found wandering alone after a shooting at a Fourth July convention in the Chicago area, were killed in the massacre, officials said.
Aiden's parents - Irina McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy - died in the attack, police said.

The child was separated from his parents during the riot and taken to a safe place by other people who had taken part in the show. Police later handed him over to his grandparents, officials said.

A photo of the child wandering around the scene of the shooting also spread on social media before he was reunited with his family.

The child appeared shocked and told his grandparents that "Mom and Dad are coming soon," reports said.

A child mobilization campaign has been launched by members of the public.

"Aiden will be cared for by her loving family and will have a long way to go, to recover, and to finally move on in life as an orphan.

Police said the death toll had risen to seven after one of the injured died at the hospital. At least 35 people were injured in the incident.

The suspect, Robert Crimo, 21, was arrested on Monday a few hours after the attack. He has been charged with seven counts of murder, officials said.

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