1 Jul 2022

Woman, Girlfriend Arrested For Murdering Her Aunt, Brother ON: Police

Police have arrested a woman and her boyfriend for allegedly killing her aunt and uncle as she could not repay the R4 lakh loan she took from them, officials said.
The bodies of Mala, 40, and her son Vinay, 18, were found floating in a ditch in Gangnahar three months ago.

The two were drowned by the suspects - Neha and Yogesh - and their accomplices were missing, police said.

Superintendent of Police (town) Martand Prakash Singh told PTI, "We have arrested one Neha and his girlfriend Yogesh in connection with the murder of his aunt Mala and her son Vinay." Police arrested two suspects on Wednesday. Mala, a widow, lived with her mother and her son. Neha had taken out a loan almost a year ago.

"Neha and Yogesh were not in a position to repay the loan. So they conspired to kill Mala and her son," he said.

On March 25, the defendant took the two to a hotel on the pretext of repaying the loan. However, the woman and her son were pushed into each of the trenches and died as a result of the exhaustion.

When the mother was killed in the Raya area, her son was thrown into a ditch near Mant, about seven miles [12 km] away.

"Neha and Yogesh took the help of one of Imran and Rakesh in the assassination. Our teams are trying to arrest them," said a police officer.

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