29 Oct 2022

Bihar News: 7 Policemen Among 30 Injured In Aurangabad Gas Cylinder Blast

Aurangabad (Bihar): In Aurangabad, Bihar, 30 people including 7 policemen were injured when a gas cylinder exploded while offerings for Chhath Puja were being prepared. Over 21 people have suffered more than 70% burn injuries. Of these, the condition of 10 is critical. The accident happened at 2:30 am during intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

Chhath Puja was going on in the house of Anil Goswami in ward number 24 of Sahebganj locality of the city. All the family members were busy making Prasad. Then suddenly the fire started due to gas leak. After this there was a stampede in the locality. The people of the locality started extinguishing the fire. 

Police patrol team reached: Meanwhile, the patrolling police team also reached there. As soon as water was poured on the cylinder to extinguish the fire, it exploded and 7 policemen were scorched.

Police jawan Mohammad Muazzam, who was injured in the accident, said, 'We were on night patrol. That's when we got information that there was fire at one place in ward no 24. We immediately left for that locality. When I arrived, I saw that there was a fire. As soon as a water was thrown with the help of a pipe to extinguish the fire, the cylinder exploded with a loud bang. We all got burnt.’

On the other hand, Anil Goswami, the owner of the house said, 'We were on the terrace at night. My wife was making prasad for Chhath puja. It was reported that there was gas leakage. By the time we came down, the fire had started. After a while, there was a loud explosion in the cylinder. Didn't understand anything.’

7 policemen injured: The injured cops are lady constable Preeti Kumari, DAP Akhilesh Kumar, Jaglal Prasad, Saif Jawan Mukund Rao, Jaglal Prasad, driver Mohammad Muazzam, Deepak Kumar.

More than 30 people were injured, including candidate for the post of city council president of Sahebganj locality Anil Odia, Rajiv Kumar, Shabdir, Aslam, Sudarshan, Arian Goswami, Chhotu Alam, Anil Kumar, Shahnawaz. The condition of about 10 people is said to be serious.

After the incident, the people admitted to the Sadar Hospital were treated by the doctors. Some of the patients were later shifted to private hospitals. 

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