28 Oct 2022

Chhat Puja 2022: Chhath Festival Begins With Nahay Khay, This Is How Fast Is Observed

Chhath Mahaparv 2022 has started from 28 October. The married women will ask Chhath Maiya for the blessings of longevity, happiness, prosperity of their children and and family welfare. Preparations have been made in various states of the country for the Chhath festival, which will continue till October 31.

The rituals are observed over four days. They include nahay khay (holy bathing), fasting and abstaining from drinking water (vrata), standing in water, and offering prasad (prayer offerings) and arghya to the setting and rising sun. Some devotees also perform a prostration march as they head for the river banks.

Observe Chhath fast in this way

Day One: Nahay Khay (Bath and Eat) - The very first day of the Dala Chhath is called Nahay Khay. On this day, the Vrattis (those observing fast) take a bath particularly in the river Ganga or any other holy river & bring the holy water of the river to make Prasad at home.

Day Two: Kharna- A long day fast (without water) is observed by the devotees. They fast for a whole day and end it in the evening after worshiping Chhathi Maiya and eating Prasad. Offering, also called Prasad, are made of Rasiao- kheer (cooked rice in milk), puris (deep fried puffs) or chapattis and bananas. The Prasad is distributed among other family members and neighbors.

Day Three: Sandhya Arghya(Evening Offering): On third day Vrattis observe the fast without taking water and food. The whole day is spent in the preparation of the puja offerings. All the offerings (Arghya) are kept in Dauri (a basket made of bamboo sticks), Supali (made of fine bamboo sticks) or in metal basket. The offerings are comprised of Thekua, Puri, Coconut, Banana, Apple, Orange, and other seasonal fruits.

Day Four: (Morning Arghya): This is the last or can say the final day of this auspicious and holy festival. The devotees gather at the bank of the river with their family and friends to offer bhorwa arghya (morning offerings) to the rising Sun. After arghya, devotees knee-down at the ghat to worship Chathi Maiya, distribute thekua and then come back to home.

After their return from the ghat, the devotees or the vrattis take blessings of the elders and break their fast by eating ginger with water. Then different types of delicious foods are made to serve the vratti.

Chhath Puja has started on 28th October. Prasad is accepted with the offering of gourd and rice.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and calendar.)

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