24 Oct 2022

Diwali 2022: Why Is Kajal Made From Earthen Lamps Applied On The Night Of Diwali? Learn Beliefs And Benefits And How To Make It

India is a land of festivals, where different festivals are celebrated with great pomp throughout the year. One of these major festivals is Deepawali, also known as the festival of happiness and light. Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is worshiped on this day. Homes are illuminated with lamps. People have different beliefs and traditions on Diwali. One in this is to make kajal on the night of Diwali, let's know about this belief…

WHAT IS THE BELIEF BEHIND KAJAL MADE FROM DEEPAK? According to religious beliefs, ‘Kala Tika’ and kajal are used to ward off the evil eye. It is also said that if kajal made of earthen lamp is applied on the night of Diwali, then no member of the family will face any misfortune and happiness and peace remains. Also, the elders of the house consider it auspicious to apply kajal made of diya. Many merchants put black tika on their safe on this day.

VERY BENEFICIAL FOR EYES: Talking about the scientific reason for applying kajal on the day of Diwali, kajal made from an earthen lamp is pure and beneficial for the eyes. As you know that on Diwali, crackers are burnt, due to which harmful smoke is released, which is harmful for our eyes. Therefore, kajal is applied to protect the eyes from the bad effects of smoke. Another advantage of applying kajal is that no dirt accumulates on the eyes.

KAJAL IS MADE AFTER WORSHIP: The work of making kajal on Diwali is done at night after Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja. The women of the house make kajal from the big earthen lamp used in the worship. This kajal is applied to all the members of the house. Even if someone falls asleep, he is woken up and kajal is applied. Apart from this, this kajal is also applied on important places of the house like cupboard, safe, cooking stove. It is believed that doing this removes all kinds of obstacles.

MAKE KAJAL LIKE THIS: To make kajal at home, first put wick and mustard oil in an earthen lamp (diya) and light it. Carefully place a small plate or bowl on top of it. Also remember that the flame of the lamp is touching the plate. After that let it burn like this. After about half to an hour, lift the top plate carefully. Now you will see soot in the plate. Take it out in a box (dibbi) with the help of cotton or cloth. Along with this, put some pure ghee in it. Now your kajal is ready. You can use it. In this way you can make kajal from lamp very easily.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information, we do not confirm it.) 

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