22 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Blast In Petroleum Depot In Bhopal, 7 People Burnt, 4 Serious; Accident Occurred While Filling Fuel In Tanker

Bhopal: A blast occurred at Bharat Petroleum Depot in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh on Friday night. Seven people were injured in the explosion that took place while refueling the tanker at the filling point. The condition of 4 people is critical. Loose earthing is said to be the cause of the accident.

Seven people were badly burnt in the blast at about 8 pm at a petroleum depot located in Bakania, Bhopal. At filling point number 1, fuel was being filled in a tanker of 12 thousand liters. Suddenly there was a loud explosion in one part of the tanker. 

The flames started rising with the explosion. The tanker belonged to HPCL. A truck was also damaged in the accident. The explosion was so strong that even the air fan blew up. 

The driver and conductor of the tanker standing on the spot got burnt. An employee was also injured.

BPCL management became active immediately. The fire was brought under control in 15 minutes. All injured were taken to Chirayu Hospital. The seriously injured have been shifted to ICU. The police have sealed the filling point. 

Collector Avinash Lavania also reached the hospital to see the injured. The collector says that a detailed inquiry will be conducted into the incident. Only then the exact reasons will be known.

Ambulance not available, injred taken to hospital by private vehicles: Negligence in security arrangements in the depot has also come to the fore. There was no vehicle available to transport the scorched people after the accident. In a hurry, the villagers reached the village with vehicles. With the help of villagers, the scorched employees were admitted to Chirayu Hospital.

Fear of fire due to loose earthing in the tanker: MP Tanker Workers Association President Abdul Rehman Raja has accused the depot management of negligence. Rahman says that the refueling time at the depot is from 7 am (sunrise) to 6 pm (sunset). 

Refueling continues after sunset against rules: Bharat Petroleum managers get the tankers refueling till 10 pm in order to increase the overtime. Visibility is low at night. Proper earthing is a must while filling the tanker. On Friday also the accident may have happened due to loose earthing. This is gross negligence of the management.

These people were injured: Salman (30), Sanu (35), Vinod (37), Raja Miyan (40), Siraj (18), Chhotelal (28) and Antram (40).

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