24 Oct 2022

Rishi Sunak Will Be New Prime Minister Of Britain

London: Indian-origin Rishi Sunak will be the new Prime Minister of Britain. On Monday, the Conservative Party's parliamentary party elected Sunak as the leader. His challenger, Penny Mordaunt, withdrew. Earlier, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson had also withdrawn his name. Sunak got the support of around 200 MPs. Penny had this figure only 26.

According to reports, King Charles is returning to London from Sandringham Sunday night. Liz Truss will submit her resignation. After some time, King Charles will hand over the PM's appointment letter to 42-year-old Sunak. On October 28, Sunak will take oath as the Prime Minister. After this, the cabinet will be announced on October 29.

Sunak's popularity among people: A big reason for Sunak's victory is his banker image. The biggest reason for the failure of Truss as PM was the failure on the economic front. Inflation in Britain was a key issue of elections. There was also economic instability in Britain, after which Sunak, who had been finance minister in the Johnson government, brought the economic bailout plan, it was highly appreciated by the middle class and his popularity among the people increased.

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