23 Nov 2022

World Is Looking For An Alternative To Twitter, But What Other Options Are?

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, this platform of social media has been in discussions every day.
Sometimes retrenchment of employees, sometimes paid verification and sometimes the return of former US President Trump.
Troubled by this, many users are now turning to other social media platforms.
Recent mass resignations from Twitter prompted users from all over the world to start looking for alternative social media platforms. In Brazil, it appears as if many users switched to Indian social media app Koo.
Aprameya Radhakrishna, CEO of Koo, said “We have seen unprecedented increase in number of users from Brazil and we already have close to 10 lakh Brazilians who have joined the platform.”
The world is looking for a Twitter alternative right now. But are there other alternatives besides India’s Koo.

Mastdon also emerging as a favourite alternative

One such platform is 'Mastdon', which is very much liked by the users.Twitter is becoming less and less acceptable to its users.
But what alternatives are there? Would we really return to nostalgic favourites like MySpace and Tumblr, or look beyond to more inventive and independent alternatives, like Mastodon and Cohost?
A few months ago, hardly anyone had heard of Mastodon. Now, it’s one of the most popular substitutes to Twitter. The only hurdle is that signing up is a bit tricky.
Adapting to Mastodon might take a while, but it does offer a welcome reprieve from the non-stop noise of Twitter. It’s also totally free of advertisements and there’s not a blue tick in sight.
Launched in 2016, the free open-source platform is essentially a decentralised version of Twitter, made up of various interest-based servers known as “instances”.
This somewhat unintuitive introduction to the platform has been discouraging for some users, as they struggle to locate a server and their friends.
However, if you overcome the initial chaos," you'll find yourself in more familiar territory, with a feed showing “toots” instead of Tweets from those you follow, and "boosts" in place of re-tweets.

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