24 Dec 2022

Agriculture Success Story: Farming On One Acre Of Land Fetches Profit Of Lakhs, Vishwanath of Maharashtra Is An Inspiration For Farmers


Beed district of Maharashtra. The condition of the farmers in this district is not hidden from anyone. Perhaps this district is counted among those districts of the country where maximum number of farmers would have committed suicide due to drought. 

But among them there is only one name which has made its mark in the country. This name is Vishwanath Bobde. He is a resident of Bahirwadi in Beed district. Vishwanath Bobde earns lakhs every month from his one acre of farming.

Vishwanath has only one acre of land

Vishwanath and his elder brother owned six acres of land. Some of this land had to be sold to build a house and only four acres remained. Traditional farming even in four acres of land was not profitable. The cycle of time was such that out of four acres of land, two acres went to build a highway. Now two acres were left. Both the brothers divided it and have one acre each of land.

Faced many difficulties in the beginning

Vishwanath initially did traditional farming on his one acre of land. But he did not benefit in traditional farming. Soon Vishwanath realized that apart from traditional farming, some new experiments have to be done with farming.

The success of many experiments

Vishwanath grew one or two more crops in addition to the traditional crops. Vishwanath grew more and more vegetables like bitter gourd, ridge gourd as well as cauliflower, okra and cabbage. Vishwanath got a profit of three lakhs in the first year through cultivation of more varieties of vegetables. After this, Vishwanath utilised this money to solve the water problem with this money. He dug a well in the field.

Adopted modern method of irrigation

After digging a well near the river, Vishwanath started watering the plants through pipes and sprinklers. Vishwanath started planting different types of vegetables even in summers. Vishwanath planted tomatoes and watermelons as there was moisture in the field, which benefited him a lot.

Prepared plan to plant and harvest crops

Vishwanath started planning crops according to the season of sowing and harvesting. Vishwanath harvests six to seven crops a year. The harvesting season for these crops starts by the end of August. Vishwanath plants crops in September, harvests them in January and cultivates watermelons and melons in January and February.

These crops give income of lakhs

Vishwanath now earns profit in farming every year. If Vishwanath invests fifty thousand in a crop, then in any case he earns five lakhs by harvesting that crop. However, for this he and his wife have to work very hard. Vishwanath says that crops like watermelon and tomato fetch him income of lakhs.

Modern methods of farming are beneficial

According to Vishwanath, he adopted modern methods of farming which benefited him. Vishwanath made raised beds in his field. The beds are made about six inches above the soil and surrounded by a frame made of wood, rock or concrete blocks. All kinds of medicine and water are sprayed. Farmers from the surrounding areas now come to seek advice from Vishwanath, who earned lakhs from farming on one acre.

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