7 Dec 2022

Draupadi of Devkali! She Lost Herself In Gambling, Her Husband Is Making Rounds Of Police Station

Lucknow: During the Mahabharata period, Pandavas put Draupadi at stake in gambling. which they had lost. But a very strange incident has come to light from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh. You will also be surprised to hear that.
This case pertains to Devkali Mohalla of Pratapgarh district in Kotwali police station area. A married woman was addicted to playing Ludo. Due to her addiction to Ludo, she has lost herself in the game to her landlord. The wife gave this information to her husband, who was working as a laborer in Jaipur and Delhi, on the phone and said that she had lost herself in Ludo. Now if you try to oppose, you will be cut into pieces and thrown away.

Woman's husband works in another city

Actually the woman's husband works in another city. From there he used to send money. But the wife used to play Ludo with this money. Many times she has lost huge amounts in Ludo. In such a situation, when the money ran out, the woman put herself at stake in gambling while playing Ludo with the landlord. Losing money, the woman lost herself in front of the landlord in Ludo. In such a situation, the woman is now forced to live with the landlord. Now the husband is making rounds of the police station to get his wife back.

Landlord did not budge

It is said that after knowing about this, the victim's husband returned home. He first pleaded with the landlord, but the landlord did not budge, so he reached the police station. Where a complaint was made for action against the landlord. He also uploaded a statement on social media which has now gone viral.
The victim's husband claims that he used to live in a rented house at Devkali in Pratapgarh. Six months ago, he had gone to Jaipur in Rajasthan in connection with livelihood. Where he kept sending money to his wife. The wife kept on gambling the same money with her landlord. After the money ran out, the wife also bet herself and lost herself.

Woman is a mother of two children

The victim's husband says that he is basically a resident of Rampur Belha. He was married in Amethi district. He also has two children from his wife. He told that after losing in Ludo, the wife is now living with the landlord. He also tried to convince the landlord  but he is not ready to accept.

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