7 Dec 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Child Falls Into Borewell In Betul; Rescue Operation Continues

Betul: The rescue of 6-year-old Tanmay Sahu, who fell in a borewell in Mandvi village of Betul in Madhya Pradesh, is going on. By 3 pm, the rescue team broke the rocks and dug a pit about 45 feet deep near the borewell. Now in the next one hour the work of making 7 to 8 feet long tunnel will be started to reach to the child. NDRF team is operating the rescue operation.

CM monitoring the rescue

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who is monitoring the whole matter himself, said – The administration has been instructed to take all necessary steps. On Wednesday, the officials told the CM that the team of NDRF-SDERF is continuously working. Prayers are also being offered for Tanmay's safety. People in the entire village are offering prayers and praying for his well-being. Tanmay’s class mates chanted the Gayatri Mantra at the Gayatri Mandir in Mandvi.

Child not showing movement

Officials involved in the rescue work say that due to water leakage, more precaution will have to be taken while making the tunnel. Machinery will not be used for this. A team of experienced people has been prepared for this work. The team will do the work of tunneling with the help of light drill machine. Water is continuously leaking from the ground. In such a situation, the work of taking out the water is also being done with the help of two pumps.

The officer of the rescue team said – the child is not showing any movement. We try to reach the child as soon as possible. The child's hands are up. Because of this, we cannot send him anything to eat or drink. Oxygen is being given in the borewell. The child was last talked to yesterday i.e. Tuesday around 5 pm. Then he said - it is very dark here. I am scared. Take me out quickly.

Child talked to the father

As soon as the information about the incident was received, Collector, DIG, SP, Commissioner Shriman Shukla, Tehsildar Aathner and all the senior officers of the police-administration also reached the spot.

The family was asked to talk to the child. The child's father spoke to him. Tanmay studies in class II. Father Sunil Diyabar told that 8 days back he had got 400 feet deep bore done on the farm. His son has fallen in this bore.

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