26 Dec 2022

Pathan Controversy: Actress Nikita Ghag Said There Is No Colour of Religion

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's film Pathan has been controversial for the last few days, let us tell you that in the first song of Pathan, Deepika wore a saffron-colored bikini. Regarding this saffron color, Hindu organizations and communities of the Hindu religion are protesting against this color and requesting to boycott the film. Many politicians and organizations are opposing the movie due to the controversy. 

Meanwhile, model and actress Nikita Ghag has come out with her statement regarding this controversy. She told that the way Pathan's controversy is going on, it has no meaning because there is no dispute about saffron color but Shahrukh Khan is being opposed. I believe that religion has no colour.

Akshay was seen dancing in saffron in Bhool Bhulaiya

Many films have been made before Pathan, in films like 'Bhool Bhulaiya', Akshay Kumar was also seen dancing in saffron color, then no one opposed the film. Now that there is Shah Rukh Khan in film, he also appeared with Deepika wearing saffron. So politics is happening on this matter, this is not a protest against the film, it is politics.

Nikita Ghag has often raised her voice on social issues and often raises her voice on social media through her organization and also raises her voice against atrocities on animals. Not only this, she is often in headlines on Instagram for her bold picture, recently her bold picture is becoming quite viral on Instagram and her fans are liking her picture a lot. And now, Nikita Ghag has again given her opinion regarding Pathan's controversy and is urging people not to pay attention to such controversy.

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