30 Dec 2022

Rishabh Pant Accident: Was Going To Give Susprise To Mother, Two Youths Took Him To Hospital While Some Others Stole His Money

Dehradun: 25-year-old cricketer Rishabh Pant narrowly escaped in a road accident on Friday morning. According to the police, the accident happened when he dozed off. His Mercedes went out of control and hit the divider, after which it caught fire and overturned. 

After the accident, Pant came out on his own by breaking the window of the burning car. When people reached to save him, he said - I am Rishabh Pant. He has suffered serious injuries on his head, back and legs. According to doctors, his condition is out of danger.

He has been taken from Roorkee to Dehradun for treatment. He is undergoing treatment at Max Hospital here. A team of doctors is monitoring him. It is being said that if needed, he will be airlifted to Delhi.

BCCI said – there were two injuries on the forehead, the ligament of the knee was broken.

Board secretary Jai Shah said, Pant has two injuries on his forehead. The knee ligament is torn. There were also injuries on the right wrist and ankle. 

The severity of his injury will be known after the MRI. We are in constant touch with the medical team and his family. We will provide all possible medical treatment and support to Pant in this difficult time.

Was going home alone to give surprise to mother

Pant was going home alone. His house is near Roorkee Railway Station. Dr. Sushil Nagar told that he was going to give surprise to his mother.

Eyewitness told – fire broke out after car overturned

The villagers told that they heard a loud bang. Saw that a car was dragged for a few feet after hitting the divider. It seemed to turn over and catch fire. We picked him up and took him to the hospital. 

On the other hand, according to Uttarakhand DG Ashok Kumar, after the accident, Pant came out by breaking the window of the burning car.

A bus conductor collected Pant's money and kept it near him

It is being told that there were about three to four lakh rupees in Rishabh's car. After the incident, all the money was scattered on the road. During this time some people instead of helping Rishabh got busy in stuffing notes in their pockets and making videos. At that time a bus conductor of Haryana depot collected the money and kept it with Rishabh.

Two youths helped Rishabh

At the same time, two youths came forward as messiahs. When Rishabh Pant was admitted to Roorkee's Saksham Hospital, two youths were also there during this time. It is being told that one of these youths is a resident of Shakarpur village near Purkaji. He works in the Uttam Sugar Mill located at Libberheri, a few kilometers away from the spot.

Rishabh came out safely because he was not wearing seat belt 

Dr. Sushil Nagar told that Pant was not wearing seat belt. So he came out safely. Had he been wearing a seat belt, he could have suffered burns after the car caught fire.

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