11 Dec 2022

Seoni Tiger Attack: Villagers Assault Forest Staff, Vandalize Vehicles After Tiger Kills Man


Seoni (Madhya Pradesh): A tiger killed a villager in Seoni district of Tiger State Madhya Pradesh. Irate villagers attacked the forest department officers and vandalized their vehicles.
In Madhya Pradesh's Seoni district, a tiger attacked and killed a villager on Sunday, injuring three others. The name of the deceased is Chunnilal Patle. The injured have been admitted to Community Health Center Barghat for treatment. Angry villagers vandalized more than 5 vehicles of the Forest Department and police.
The case pertains to Godegaon in Dhobi Sarra circle of Seoni district. The villagers say that Chunnilal was standing behind his house when the tiger attacked. Meanwhile, when his companion tried to save him, the tiger injured him too by clawing. 

Tiger injured 2 more villagers

After this, the villagers ran with sticks anticipating the presence of a tiger in the fields and bushes. However, the tiger again clawed at two other people. Due to which they also got injured.
After the death of the villager, the local people informed the forest staff and police department about the incident. The forest team did not reach the spot for a long time. This enraged the villagers. They accused the administration of driving away the tiger instead of capturing it.

Forest officers manhandled

Forest team reached the spot to catch the tiger. Meanwhile, seeing the tiger going closer to the forest, the villagers started vandalizing vehicles as they thought the forest staff were not making effort to catch the big cat and allowing it to escape.

Angry villagers attacked Dr. Akhilesh Mishra, veterinarian of Pench Tiger Reserve, with sticks on his head. While abusing Sarik Khan, a forest guard, they tore his uniform. Other officers-employees were also manhandled.

Many vehicles vandalized

Angry people started vandalizing the vehicles of Pench Tiger Reserve's Field Director, Deputy Director, SDO, Forest Range Officer and the employees involved in the patrol team. They damaged several vehicles. The vehicle of Mowgli Sanctuary's SDO Ashish Pandey was overturned and dropped into the drain. Also other vehicles were overturned on the road after sabotage.

Tiger chased away instead of rescue

The villagers told that the tiger had picked up the villager from near the house at around six in the morning. The Forest Department team reached the spot after about four hours. The tiger was sitting in the field nearby. The forest department team could have caught the tiger, but they chased the tiger away in the forest. This enraged the villagers.
On getting the information, Barghat MLA Arjun Singh Kakodia also reached the spot. Accusing the administration, he said that no one is paying attention to this. No solution was found even after reporting the problem. Despite the demand, no fencing was done around the forest. People have stopped going out at night.

Police force deployed

As soon as the information about the incident was received, the Barghat police reached the spot. They also called the nearby police force on the spot. At present, a large number of police forces are present in the village for the purpose of security and to calm the matter.

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