16 Jan 2023

Bhopal Airport: Smoking Lounges No More Free, Charges Introduced To Discourage Smoking

Bhopal: To discourage smoking and in view of its harmful effects on health, the authorities of Bhopal’s Raja Bhoj Airport have decided to impose a charge of Rs 20 for entry in airport’s Smoking Zone. Passengers and visitors will have to pay the charge if they want to smoke on Airport Premises.  

While the terminals in the airports are generally smoke-free, smoking is permitted at exclusive lounges in designated areas. All the smoking lounges on Indian airports have an electric lighter fitted on one of the walls of the lounge.

Smoking inside a passenger aircraft is banned in India. Besides inconveniencing passengers, smoking inside an aircraft's pressurised cabin also poses serious risk of fire.

Smoking zones seen as convenience to passengers

Earlier, the smoking zones at airports were seen as a convenience for the passengers. Separate smoking zones have been prepared at airports, including Raja Bhoj’s, in view of the inconvenience caused to the passengers who do not smoke cigarettes. 

At raja Bhoj Airport, smoking zones were free like other facilities available at airport. But now if you want to use smoking zone in Bhopal then you have to pay. 

The smoking area at Bhopal airport has now become chargeable. Sources at the Raja Bhoj Airport said this measure has been taken in view of the hazardous effects of smoking on health and the inconvenience to non-smoking passengers. 

Several free facilities are available

Several facilities are available free at Raja Bhoj Airport like Wi-Fi, child care room, tourist information center, medical and first aid services. There’s a VIP Lounge available at Bhopal Airport and is free of use. Smoking lounges are available along Bhopal Airport Terminal on both ground and first levels. Like other services, these lounges were free so far. But now a charge of Rs 20 is payable for entry in these smoking lounges. 

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