12 Jan 2023

Bihar: Who Is Chandrashekhar Singh Making Controversial Remarks On Ramcharitmanas? Minister Defiant Despite Outrage

Patna: Education Minister of Bihar Prof. Chandrashekhar Singh is embroiled in controversies. He has raised questions on Ramcharitmanas. He has described Manas as spreading hatred and keeping women away from education. 

There has been a political ruckus after the minister's statement. But despite outrage, Singh is defiant. He said whatever he said is correct and that he stood by his statement. Who is Prof. Chandrashekhar Singh. who made such a statement.

Chandrashekhar Singh is the RJD MLA from Madhepura in the Grand Alliance government. Experts believe that this statement of Chandrashekhar Singh is going to hurt the people. He should refrain from such statement and apologize to the people. 

Chandrashekhar Singh has become a minister in the Bihar government for the second time. Earlier in 2015, he was made the Disaster Management Minister in the Grand Alliance government. 

Defeated JDU's Nikhil Mandal in election in 2020

Chandrashekhar Singh has scored a hat-trick by winning the election for the third time in a row. He defeated JDU's candidate Nikhil Mandal in the 2020 elections. Chandrashekhar Singh, who became an MLA for the first time in 2010, is considered to be influential in the government. 

Is considered close to Tejashwi

Lalu Yadav also trusts Chandrashekhar, who is said to be very close to Tejashwi Yadav. 61 year old Chandrashekhar Singh has done Post Graduate Diploma in Science. His total assets are 2 crore 28 lakh 44 thousand 711. He owes Rs 50 lakh to the bank and three cases are pending against the minister.

Reward of Rs 10 crore for chopping off minister's tongue

Ayodhya's saints are angry following minister's statement. Saint Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya of Ayodhya has called it an insult to Sanatanis. Paramhans Acharya has also made a controversial announcement of giving a reward of 10 crores to the person who cuts off Chandrashekhar's tongue. 

He said that within a week the minister should apologize for his statement. Paramhans Acharya has also demanded the dismissal of Chandrashekhar from his post.

What Chandrashekhar had said

"Ramcharitmanas was opposed because it said that the lower section of society becomes poisonous if they get educated. Books like Ramcharitmanas, Manusmriti and MS Golwalkar’s Bunch of Thoughts created a social divide," Chandrashekhar had said.

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