15 Jan 2023

Karnaprayag Residents Told To Vacate Their Homes As Alarming Cracks Similar To Joshimath Develop

Karnprayag: After Joshimath, now people in Karnprayag of Chamoli district are also in panic due to frequent cracks in their houses.

The condition of eight houses in Karnprayag remains dangerous. In view of this, eight families living in these houses have been given notice to vacate them.

Narendra Bisht, a resident of Bahuguna Nagar of Karnprayag, told that he has been given notice to vacate the house by the Patwari. Harendra Bisht has a house of 6 rooms in Bahuguna Nagar.

Wife Priyanka and their small son live with him at home. Narendra Bisht told that cracks have appeared in all his rooms. The cracks are so wide that one can see from one room to another.

Talking with a heavy heart, Narendra says that leaving everything behind, that too with a small child, it is very difficult to go anywhere else.

He says, "How do we leave the house without evaluation."

Residents horrified to see cracks

Some residents in Karnprayag said that the way the government has given the amount for shifting in Joshimath, if they make arrangements in the same way, then it will be easy for them too.

Residents said that in the year 2012, during the construction of the building of Mandi Committee, excavation was done here with JCB machines. Since that time, cracks started appearing in the houses continuously.

A resident of Bahuguna Nagar said wide cracks had appeared in all four rooms of his house.

He said that during the rainy season last year, cutting of the all-weather road was done with the help of machines, due to which cracks have appeared in the house.

Condition of all 39 houses was bad: Tehsildar

Tehsildar Surendra Singh Dev of Karnprayag, said that on January 11, a joint inspection of 39 houses was done by Tehsil administration and other technical departments.

He said that 8 of the houses were not found fit to live in. They were found unsafe.

Surendra Singh Deo said, "Though the condition of all 39 houses was bad, but these eight houses were not fit for living at all. There were a lot of cracks in these houses."

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