19 Feb 2023

Barbaric Face Of Rajasthan Police Came To Fore In Haryana Bhiwani Case; Pregnant Woman Assaulted;Child Died In Womb; What Is The Whole case

Nuh (Rajasthan): Police brutality has come to the fore in the case of two youths from Rajasthan who were kidnapped and burnt along with their car in Bhiwani, Haryana. 

During the investigation and search for the accused in the case of burning two people alive here, the Rajasthan Police has been accused of assaulting the pregnant wife of one of the accused.

Rajasthan police reached Nuh dist in search of accused

The Rajasthan Police had raided Nuh district. Where the police had reached in search of the accused Shrikant Pandit. But the relatives allege that during the raid, the Rajasthan Police crossed all limits of vandalism. 

When the police did not find Shrikant at home, they had a fight with his family members. Cops not only pushed Srikanth's pregnant wife, but also assaulted her. Due to which the 9-month-old child growing in her womb died before coming into the world.

Two youths were burnt in the district on the suspicion of cow smuggling. The crime was executed in Bhiwani, Haryana. 

Rajasthan police raided in search of the accused. Accused Srikant Pandit was not found during the raid. Police thrashed Srikant's family members. The pregnant wife of the accused was also assaulted. 

Two youths Naseer and Junaid, residents of Ghatmika village of Rajasthan, were abducted recently. After this, on the morning of Thursday, February 16, charred skeletons of both were found in a burnt car near village Barwas in Bhiwani district of Haryana. 

These skeletons are being told of Naseer and Junaid. The police have sent them for DNA test. 

Deceased are residents of Ghatmika village in Rajasthan

Among the two youths whose bodies were found burnt in the car, both Junaid and Nasir are residents of Ghatmika village in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. This village is very close to Haryana border. Junaid's cousin Ismail says that on Wednesday, a case of kidnapping and assault of both was registered at Gopalgarh police station Bharatpur. The police of both the states are probing the matter. Samples of both the skeletons have been taken for DNA test.

Owaisi claims photo of an accused with Shah

At the same time, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has targeted Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the murder of Nasir and Junaid. Owaisi said that a picture of one of the six people named in the FIR with Amit Shah has been found. Although the picture is two years old. 

Owaisi says that a group scares people in the name of cow protection. These people beat Junaid and Naseer so much that they died. One of the accused is Monu and he is a favorite of the BJP government of Haryana. The Haryana government is giving him protection. Wherever he goes the police follows him. Before this he caught a man named Waris and beat him up. He played it live on Facebook and when he died, that video was removed from Facebook.

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