4 Feb 2023

Bhutan: This Story Of Reincarnation After 800 Years Challenges Science

You must have heard the stories of reincarnation. But can one remember his previous birth while taking birth after 824 years. This is such a unique story in which the child who was born in the royal family of Bhutan remembered his 800 years old birth.

Wangchuk says he was a student of Nalanda

Prince Wangchuk of Bhutan's royal family remembered his old birth. According to Wangchuk, he was a student of Nalanda University. The professor who used to teach him there, his name is Professor Vorochna.

Bhutan royal family reached Nalanda

According to the royal family of Bhutan, ever since Prince Wangchuk started speaking, he used to talk about Sarnath of Nalanda. But the family members did not believe. Even as he grew up, Prince Wangchuk never forgot those things. His maternal grandmother, Maharani Dorji Wangchuk, finally took the prince to India on the insistence of the grandson.

Wangchuk told where his class was and where he used to sit

As soon as he came to the campus of Nalanda University, Prince Wangchuk started telling everything one by one. Wangchuk told where his class was and where he used to sit. He told where he was made to meditate. However, the place that the child told had turned into ruins in the campus of Nalanda.

Child's face lit up with happiness

Wangchuk left the new campus and went to the old campus and told how the memories of his rebirth are connected to those ruins. The child's face lit up with happiness as soon as he entered the campus. Prince Wangchuk also meditated there in Buddha's posture and told that Professor Vorochna used to teach him.

800 years old things could not be confirmed

No one believed when he reached Nalanda with his grandmother. It felt as if a fairy tale was going on. But every single thing told by the prince seemed like reality. However, after more than eight hundred years, there is no one to confirm the words of the child. But the child's confidence and happy face seemed to defy science. Because science has not yet put any seal on reincarnation.

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