29 Mar 2023

Membership Of NCP MP Mohammad Faizal Restored, Will Rahul Gandhi Also Get Relief

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha Secretariat has given a big relief to NCP leader of Lakshadweep Mohd. Faizal. The Lok Sabha membership of Mohammad Faizal has been restored. 

MP PP Mohd Faizal was convicted of attempt to murder. The local court had sentenced him to ten years' imprisonment on January 11 this year. 

Membership was cancelled after conviction 

After the conviction, his membership was canceled by the Lok Sabha Secretariat under the Representation of the People Act. The Election Commission had also announced the by-election on this seat.

This decision regarding Mohammad Faizal has come at a time when the membership of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been cancelled. In such a situation, it is believed that this decision can prove to be important in the case of Rahul Gandhi as well. 

Rahul's LS membership can be restored if he gets relief from higher court

If Rahul challenges his conviction by the Surat court in the higher court and his conviction is quashed by the court, then there is a possibility of Rahul Gandhi's membership being restored.

There is a provision in the Representation of the People Act that if an MP and MLA is punished for two years or more in any case, then his membership is automatically cancelled. Rahul Gandhi's membership has also been canceled under the same law after being found guilty in a defamation case by the Surat court.

Faizal got relief from Kerala High Court

In fact, Mohammad Faizal challenged the decision of the lower court in the Kerala High Court. His conviction was quashed by the High Court. The by-election was also canceled after the decision of the High Court. 

After the decision of the High Court, Mohammad Faizal had demanded from the Lok Sabha Secretariat for the reinstatement of his membership. He was recommended to be reinstated as a parliamentarian, after which his membership has finally been restored by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

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